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Simplify your small business bookeeping and payroll with RSJ Taxation. Our specialized bookkeeping and payroll services ensure compliance and accuracy.


Outsourcing payroll can be a smart solution for small business owners and administration staff who find it challenging and time-consuming. At RSJ Taxation, we offer dedicated payroll services to alleviate the stress and complexity associated with managing payroll tasks.

Our specialized payroll services include:

  • Payroll processing
  • Tracking and reporting of employee leave entitlements
  • Superannuation processing
  • Single Touch Payroll compliance
  • Preparation of termination payments
  • Redundancy and ETP (Employee Termination Payment) calculations


Reliable Bookkeeping Services in Berwick, Officer, and Melbourne

Managing finances can be challenging for small businesses. To ensure better control over budgets and financial activities, bookkeeping services are essential.

Our small business bookkeeping services offer:

  • Recording day-to-day financial transactions and producing quarterly BAS.
  • Effective management of accounts receivables and payables, preventing missed payments.
  • Accurate performance measurement and debt clearance with comprehensive tracking.

Why Choose RSJ Taxation for Small Business Bookkeeping?

  • Skilled and experienced accountants and bookkeepers with industry expertise.
  • Setup of cloud-based bookkeeping systems for secure data storage and accessibility.
  • Assistance with monthly or quarterly BAS lodgements.
  • Smooth business operations with meticulous tracking of receivables and payables.

Do I Really Need a Bookkeeper for My Small Business?

While managing expenses personally may work for start-ups, as businesses grow, it becomes challenging. Professional bookkeepers ensure accurate handling of large volumes of financial data and maintain credibility with investors and debtors.

Bookkeeping holds everyone accountable, ensures timely payments, and prevents disruptions in cash flows. Our services also ensure compliance with Australian financial regulations.

Contact RSJ Taxation today at 03 5947 6868 or for more information or to schedule an appointment.