Income Tax and Tax Returns Filing Service in Berwick, Officer, and Melbourne

The Australian government collects income tax from all country residents above a certain income level. The government then uses these funds for different public welfare purposes. Each individual’s income tax liability depends on their personal income. Businesses also have to pay taxes depending on their revenue earnings.

The government has detailed laws to determine a person/business’s tax liability. There are also policies by which people can reduce their tax burden. To take full advantage of these legislations, income tax filing agents are essential.

They are professionally trained agents who help people with their paperwork to fulfil their tax payments. These agents also help clients fill out their income tax returns claims to minimise their tax liability. RSJ Taxation is one of the most reputed income tax filing companies in Berwick, Officer, and Melbourne, providing tax-law compliant, transparent, and affordable taxation consultancy services so that you can live your lives hassle-free.

Tax Returns Filing Service Melbourne

Why Do You Need to File Income Tax Returns?

All registered tax agents at RSJ Taxation advise clients that it is essential to file income tax returns.

Income tax filing is mandatory for people above a certain level of income
The income tax return claim contains all the information about the financial transactions of a company or an individual within a given period
This information is important to the government to see if all tax-paying entities have met their actual tax liabilities
If there has been any overpayment, like TDS (tax deducted at source), then the funds may be refunded to the taxpayer as well
Income tax returns filing is very important for the credit score and loan taking ability of taxpayers
Businesses and individuals will be able to use their ITR filings to prove their loan-worthiness to banks and investors
There are also tax offsets for certain investments and financial decisions which only some taxpayers are eligible for
To access those offsets, ITR filing is very important
GST Registration

What Is GST Registration, And Why Do You Need It?

GST (Goods and Services Tax) is a 10% tax that is charged on all goods and services created and sold in Australia
All businesses with an annual turnover above $75,000 are required to register for GST
This GST registration is essential for compliance with Australian business laws and eligibility for various tax rebates.

At RSJ Taxation, our team of certified tax agents helps clients organise and file the paperwork for their GST registration. All GST eligibility criteria need to be checked before making the filing.

Should You Get TFN and ABN Registration?

TFN (Tax Filing Number) pertains to individuals, and ABN (Australian Business Number) pertains to business entities
TFN and ABN are essential for all Australian taxpayers
Without TFN or ABN, taxpayers cannot pay their income tax or file their income tax returns.

RSJ Taxation helps clients generate their TFN/ABN so that they can pay their taxes on time and are saved from any legal malpractice accusations.

Why us?

At RSJ Taxation, we provide transparency and reliability, imperative when finances are involved. Our tax agents simplify the cumbersome income tax filing process and make it easy for clients to reduce and manage their own tax liabilities. Tax rebates and other tax benefits also become available to clients working with us because they have their GST/TFN/ABN registrations and can file proper income tax returns with quarterly BAS and other details. Contact RSJ Taxation on 0433 545 610 or send us an email at to book an appointment.


When should I start my tax return process?

Individuals and businesses have to provide detailed accounts of all their financial transactions within a given period to file proper income tax returns. Generally, RSJ Taxation certified tax planning agents set up clients with cloud-based systems to record and track their financial transactions with full privacy.

Do I need to complete my tax return on time?

It’s best to start filing income tax returns in the weeks before the due date for that year. Then taxpayers can be assured that their refunds will be credited to them as quickly as possible.

When can I file my income tax return in 2022?

All income tax returns filing for Australian taxpayers have to be completed by 31st October 2022.

Can I pay my taxes by myself?

While it is possible to calculate and pay for taxes and file returns by yourself, it is a very difficult and time-consuming process. The margin of error is also higher, especially for businesses, because a miscalculation in tax payment can be counted as financial fraud by the regulatory authorities. So, it’s best to hire professionals from taxation consultancy firms like RSJ Taxation who have financial management skills and tax law knowledge.