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Small businesses often find it difficult to keep track of all their financial activities. A bookkeeping service is a simple way for these growing businesses to control their budget and finances.

Small business bookkeeping involves recording day-to-day financial transactions of the business and producing quarterly BAS (Business Activity Statements). Bookkeeping services for small businesses help them stay on top of all their accounts receivables and account payables. The business will never miss out on making or receiving timely payments.

Bookkeeping also provides an accurate gauge for the business to measure its own performance. Clearing and paying off debts also becomes easier when the business can properly track all its resource usage.

Why Choose RSJ Taxation for Small Business Bookkeeping?

At RSJ Taxation, we believe in skill and experience. Our accountants and bookkeepers are trained professionals with years of experience working in different industries.

We have fine-tuned our bookkeeping services for small businesses:

  • We help companies set up their own cloud-based bookkeeping system
  • All data about the company’s regular financial transactions will get stored on the cloud
  • No data losses due to physical damage to hard drives or USBs
  • At RSJ Taxation, our accountants also help small business owners produce their quarterly BAS
  • The BAS is essential for tax return filings and for GST calculations of the business
  • The BAS is also a good measure for a business’s own performance. It can also be used to convince investors
  • Our bookkeeping services include tracking of all account receivables and payables so that business operations can remain smooth and uninterrupted

Do I Really Need a Bookkeeper for My Small Business?

Business owners can personally try to keep track of their business expenses. This may be feasible for a new start-up with minimal operations. But as soon as a business becomes a small-scale operation with a few employees, it becomes impossible for the singular business owner to stay on top of all financial activities.

A professional bookkeeper is equipped with the technological and technical skills to handle a large number of data points accurately. Every single day, a business generates enormous amounts of financial data. All this needs to be carefully tracked and recorded.

Without a proper recording of financial activities, investors and debtors may lose faith in a business. It will also allow unscrupulous employees to sift funds out of business.

Bookkeeping ensures that every employee, vendor, and supplier involved with a company is held accountable for the section of their own operations. Everyone gets their dues on time, and there are never any supply chain disruptions.

There are various financial regulatory laws in Australia for small businesses, and professional bookkeeping services like us help business owners remain compliant with all these laws. Get in touch with our team at RSJ Taxation today for more information or to book an appointment. Contact us on 0433 545 610 or send us an email at


How long do I need to use a bookkeeper?

Bookkeeping is a continuous process as it involves tracking the everyday transactions of a business. It’s best for a company to constantly be associated with a professional bookkeeper so that there are no chances for financial discrepancies to crop up.

Why should I use cloud-based bookkeeping?

Data storage capacity on the cloud is endless. Companies can endlessly increase their storage size depending on their requirements. Data stored on the cloud will never be lost due to physical damage that compromises storage devices like hard drives and USBs. Cloud storage also has layers of encryption, ensuring that no one can access a company’s bookkeeping records without the proper access codes.

Can bookkeepers help with paying off debt?

Bookkeepers do not directly help a company in paying its debts. But when the company can track all its expenses, it can reduce unnecessary expenditure and plan for the future correctly. Bookkeeping ensures that the company is always aware of its accounts payables and can retain enough cash flow to clear those payments.

Why is bookkeeping important for taxation?

Bookkeeping is very important for a business’s tax return claims. To make those claims, companies have to submit their BAS. RSJ Taxation accountants have perfected the skill of producing detailed and accurate BAS for small businesses at affordable rates.

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