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Let us handle your BAS to reduce stress. BAS is a tax reporting obligation for businesses issued by the ATO. We ensure accurate and timely lodgment, avoiding penalties. Choose monthly, quarterly, or annual lodgment based on your turnover. Enjoy benefits like penalty avoidance, accurate preparation, time savings, and reduced stress.

Having an expert like RSJ Taxation manage your BAS lodgments is beneficial because the lodgment cycle is determined by the ATO and accurate and timely lodgments are crucial to avoid penalties.

Monthly lodgment is for businesses with GST turnover over $20 million, quarterly for turnover less than $20 million, and annually for voluntary GST registration with turnover under $75,000 ($150,000 for not-for-profit bodies).

Working with us ensures penalty avoidance, accurate BAS preparation and lodgment, more time for other tasks, and reduced stress.

Tax Returns

We offer professional Income Tax and Tax Returns Filing services in Berwick, Officer, and Melbourne.

The Australian government collects income tax from residents based on their personal income, using the funds for public welfare. Businesses also have tax obligations based on revenue. Our certified tax agents assist with paperwork, minimizing tax liability and ensuring compliance. RSJ Taxation provides transparent, affordable tax consultancy services, helping clients file income tax returns accurately.

Filing returns is essential for meeting tax obligations, assessing tax liabilities, potential refunds, credit scores, and loan eligibility.

GST registration is required for businesses with turnover above $75,000. We assist with GST registration and provide TFN/ABN generation services. Our focus is on transparency, reliability, and simplifying the tax filing process to help clients manage their tax liabilities.

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Tax Planning

We offer comprehensive Tax Planning Services in Berwick, Officer, and Melbourne. Proper tax planning is crucial to maximize the benefits of government tax policies and manage tax liabilities effectively.

At RSJ Taxation, our certified tax agents provide reliable and transparent tax preparation services, ensuring compliance with Australian taxation laws. We offer individual and business tax planning, tax return filings, payroll and superannuation taxation, and BAS filing for GST and tax rebates.

Our personalized tax planning considers individual income levels and provides tailored solutions. Small businesses receive assistance with BAS, business tax registration, and GST payments.

When choosing a tax preparation service, it’s important to consider registration and expertise. At RSJ Taxation, all our tax agents are registered and trained. We provide end-to-end taxation planning, emphasizing transparency and financial knowledge. Our experienced tax agents guide clients in reducing tax burdens while maintaining compliance.

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